CKA at Storm 6 XCLR8 - 19th April 2014

Well done to all my fighters at the storm show, not only did we perform to a high standard but helped out with other matches so little ones got there bouts.

Jay Garnham did a demo with a real little lad and let him get the decision as he was a novice and I believe even being only 7yrs old a true sports man. Jay lost his kb fight to one of the Raz storm brothers but took the fight to the other lad which would of graced any ring on any show well done m8.

Ashton Spurling helped out another CKA 1st timer who was a little overawed by the occasion he got into the ring with him to do 3 rounds with him and let the little lad get the decision well done m8. He also had an awesome fight which he won brilliantly using counter strikes and great ring craft.

Abi Turp had 2 fights and in my opinion and others was on the wrong end of 1 of the decisions but gave a great account of herself 1w 1l.

Bailey Petrie also won his boxing bout with great ring craft but lost his kb bout against one of the Raz brothers from storm.

Louie Probitts had his 1st away bout and was so comfortable and relaxed in there his result was a brilliant draw.

Tom Burrows was up against a lad a lot heavier then himself but took the fight to the lad and performed very well but not this time m8.

Rossi Reid was up against a lesser experienced game lad but a lot older and taller Rossi as usual took the fight to the lad and out worked and out boxed his opponent getting the well deserved win.

Shannon Lockwood used her reach advantage to a T when she out kickboxed her opponent to get a well deserved win.

5 WINS 4 LOSSES 2 DEMOS AND 1 DRAW - any thanks to all parents and friends who travelled to show their support.

Night time event saw Lee Parrott & Lewis Dunnett fight on the full contact card.

LEE was up first and after already beating the same opponent 6 months ago was pretty confident 1st round didn't go are way as I wanted to use different tactics this time round but the opponent was ready for this and kept Lee at good length using his superior height advantage, we changed tactics the 2nd round and it worked to a T Lee rocked his opponent on 2 separate occasions backing him onto the ropes on both occasions coming very close to encouraging a standing count the verdict a unanimous win to LEE PARROTT, well done m8. This man will not mind me saying but trains 5x a week and is 37yrs old a credit to the club m8.

LEWIS was next up aiming to improve his 3-0 fc record this time he was up against a pro taekwondo fighter, the lad took us by surprise the 1st round as we expected him to kick but he came out with heavy hooks after 30 seconds of the 1st round Lewis got his head around the unexpected and started to settle in his game scoring some serious heavy overhand & straight rights and some nice sweet left cut kicks , a nice over hand right felled his opponent but was deemed to be the back of the head (no complaints). Superior ring craft and a very well schooled jab resulted in a unanimous points win again to Lewis Dunnett 4-0 well done m8 a credit to the club and myself .

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